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05 December 2014



I would rip it. But you are unlikely to be surprised at my position.


Pretty pattern, pretty yarn, but if it doesn't fit or you don't like the style of what WILL fit, it'll never see the light of day. Rip.


Rip. I don't think you're going to get a sweater you actually wear with second or third options.


First of all, never wear it with that color underneath. :-). I would put a button at the top, finish the sleeves and wear it like that. I think it looks best as is. I have a couple sweaters that button only at the top and have short sleeves.

Jessica Sewell

I like the lacy cable bit as an edging, so I would finish the sleeves and skip the button band. However, if you really think you wouldn't wear it, rip it.


Frog completely, repurpose the yarn. Anyone need a baby blanket in the next couple of years?



Not gonna fit and you're not gonna be happy.

Yarn details, please. I'm interested in the grist versus gauge for this.

Cheryl Tietge Riley

I would either start over and try to find a pattern that would work with the yarn and would be something that I will wear or finish it and donate to a women's shelter to help someone start a new chapter of their life.

Tiina Rodrigue

My mom would add stripes to the sleeves to extend the amount yarn. She'd do the button bands in the new color too to make it seem intentional. Have a simlar weight coordinating color like black?

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