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13 November 2014



Back 20 years ago, when I had just separated from my now ex-husband, I felt beaten down to nothingness. At the time I was a quilter (and quilting led me to my divorce, but that's another story). To cope with feeling beaten down, I started making the simplest quilts I could think of - 2 feet by 2 feet, a variant on the traditional nine-patch design - over and over, just playing with color and the prints on the fabrics. I think I made eight tops in all. By top #3 or so, I could look at them and say, huh, it's clear I am a good quiltmaker, and just that helped my self-esteem enormously.

So I say to you: knit garter stitch or stockinette squares from stash. Spin the nicest fiber in your stash, just to spin, Just make the simplest thing you can think of, and it will help. I promise.


That picture is beautiful. Thanks for brightening my day with it.

I've felt like you do. Not currently, as I have almost too much time for making and writing that used to be filled with active pursuits. Waiting for the muse to strike was hugely ineffective and resulted in years of not-making, not-writing. But at that time I was unaware (or inattentive) to how much of myself I'd lose by giving up these things. You, at least, have not fallen into that slumber. Good for you. Do what you can.


I agree with Lynn. Simple comfort spin. Simple garter or st st stitch. The product is secondary. You need to keep skin in this game.

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