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17 November 2014



And now I've gone and read the link to beginning goal-setting: very helpful, thanks!


Well, shoot, I forgot to do the Captcha thingy for my first comment and now I have to go to work. More later!


I'll be here, cheering on your progress and commiserating with any non-progress.


Yes. Back atcha on the blog. I have been rowing 6 days/week too, in preparation for the Thanksgiving Concept2 challenge. And plan to keep doing that.


I've been working to create a culture of mutual accountability at work, and in reaction to that, I've been kind of wallowing in lack of purpose at home. So perhaps I should join you in some personal goals. I shall mull over what I want to do and try to set some goals to share.

Rachel C.

okay -- I'll post my goals on FOAY as that is where I spend most time online but I like this. accountability is key for me. and being specific

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