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28 November 2008



My condolences. I know how important she was to you growing up, and I know very much how it feels to lose like that. May her memories thrive and become a part of your own story.




I'm so sorry for your loss, Rose. It sounds like she was a wonderful woman whose kindnesses can live on through what she taught your family.


You lucky girl, to have had such an awesome Nonny.

Sucks saying goodbye.


My condolences to you and your family. I'll put her on the alter at the Zen Center tomorrow. We'll do some chanting.


What a wonderful, wonderful lady, and such a loving tribute. Many hugs and much love from me to you and your family, dearest Rosemary.


I'm so sorry. You have written a wonderful tribute to a special woman, who lived her life perfectly. You clearly already know that she lives on through you.

Sheila B

Wiping a tear from my eye because this reminds me SO much of my beloved Memere, who managed to make fantastic meals out of nothing, and who I would often call for recipes when I first moved from home.

I'll be saying a prayer for her and for you when I'm at the choir school on Tuesday.

Use the inspiration she gave to you to inspire the next generation.

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