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04 August 2008



Perhaps you'll find the yarn you need on your vacation trip? We have many yarn shops to look through here in Wisconsin! (as you probably know.) Have a lovely trip.


oooh, what a lovely new toy! I thought of you guys when I was flying around Alaska in something only slightly larger.

I keep queuing things I find in YOUR queue, so please don't stop. :)


Well, D. just got what he wanted out of the law thing.

You have company underwater.


Hmmm, well if I remember correctly, you're about the same age that I am so I know what mine would have been but I won't say here :) I don't have a reunion story because I haven't spoken to anyone from high-school since high-school but I will mention that my husband is insanely jealous of your newest family member!!


It was your 45th reunion, right? Or maybe the 50th?


Well I know exactly what reunion it was because I was supposed to be there, but had to cancel my plans two weeks before it. I won't say the number, but will give this hint to others. According to Wikipedia the year we graduated has the most Roman numeral digits (11) of any year in the 20th century. And in the Chinese zodiac, it was the year of the rabbit until February 16 and the dragon for the rest of the year. ;)


We wnet to my husband's high school reunion, maybe 25th...he found that his classmates who attended were all predictably (not affectionately) themselves twenty five years later. We haven't been back.

Hope yours was lots more positive.


At my high school reunion two years ago, I was cornered by one of Those Guys -- you know, the ones who are just sort of smarmy and were always too popular to bother with Girls Like Me. I don't think I'd ever exchanged words with him, for any reason, while we were in school. Anyway, he came up to me, draped his arm around my shoulders, clinked his beer bottle on my wine glass, and said, without a hint of sarcasm or irony or anything else, "Are you happy?" Maybe you had to be there, but it was EXCEEDINGLY peculiar.

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