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25 November 2007



Oh My. That is just too tempting - I'm off to buy a candy thermometer today - caramel is such a favorite of mine and I never even thought it would be something I could make - thanks for sharing that!!!


I'll basically do anything for a few of those delicious caramelly morsels. Name your price.


Yeah, Claudia... But I have stuff to trade. hehehe

Rosemary, thanks for the recipe to add to my candy arsenal. I actually collect candy recipes, and make boxes for my neighbors and Bob's staff every year. (I just can't give them soap anymore, for some reason.) This is my last week of heavy production for a bit, and I'm looking forward to using the kitchen for it's more intended purpose. In fact, there is some 17 pounds of various chocolate coveratures staring at me from the pantry. Hugs.

Beth S.

Homemade caramel???? You are a woman after my own heart. That is a first-rate tradition, right up there with my mom's bourbon ball recipe (which could probably take down an elephant, considering how I need a nap after just three or four of them.)


I'm coming from Claudia's blog! Thanks for the recipe, and Merry Christmas!

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