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06 November 2014



How is the modified elimination diet going? All my cooking starts with olive oil and garlic, too, and it still does. I just couldn't give up the garlic, and generally there isn't enough of it to be a problem. And it's my understanding that with onions, you have to actually eat the thing for it to be a problem; if you leave the onion in big pieces that you can fish out of your serving, you should be okay. (Not true with the apples, unfortunately.) I made beef stew the other night with one good-sized yellow onion cut into quarters. I avoided the onion at dinner, and ate the leftovers for lunch the next day without any trouble. Not meaning to undermine your efforts with finding the cause of your issues, but offering a little hope that once you get it figured out, it's not as extreme as the elimination diet makes it sound.

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