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02 September 2010



Good on you! I found I do better with 24" circs vs. the 16", as I was straining too hard trying to wrassle the shorter length into submission. 24" hang a bit, but it's way easier on my wrists. And I notice I'm actually FINISHING socks now instead of them languishing, so apparently I found my sock knitting groove with 2 circs.

Uh, that wasn't where I was going to have that comment go, but there you have it. I can't wait to see how your project goes!


Yay you! I'm still just too much a Virgo to even do a mystery sock til after all the clues are released and I can see what I'm getting into.


I understand the advantage of two socks at a time. But I'm just so so lazy. I woulda bought new DPNs.

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